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My Winmx does not work

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Just tried pie patch


no luck im afriad. do u think i should just delete it and get kazaa or something. i dont want kazza to mess up my computer like it did last time tho. kazza light has been recomended but im still scared. i just wanna download songs!


any suggestions?


thanks guys

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does it take up a lot of memory on the computer??

Also Im worried I will not be able to download specific genres, such as bhangra continental music, so forth.


Isnt Kazzaa lIGHT THE best, is their any way to get win mx back again??

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Thought I'd give your recommendation a go Tarun. Have downloaded and run it. Not too bad at all. If you were with winmx like me, this is not a bad second choice.

Once I got my head round the settings (not my strong point!) it is easy to use and works in a very similar way to winmx.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I used Limewire for a long time and really liked it. However the latest version installed or allowed to be installed lots of serious and very hard to remove malware. The older versions let some adware etc. through but I was aware of it and it was easily removed.


I think it's too bad the program is now basically worthless in my opinion, It's certainly not worth all the trouble it causes.


I'm thinking the same thing is happening to Download.com since they still list it despite their "no malware" pledge and in fact give it their hearty recommendation. Then I read some of the over-the-top "User's Comments" which obviously come from people living in some sort of alternate universe very different than ours.


I've been using SoulSeek from Ultimate Predator's recommendation and it may not be as flashy as some of the others but it's easy to learn to use and offers a lot of content and some pretty neat features and options of it's own.

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