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Hi Piri, first of all a hearty thanks for making some of the best software on the 'net, CCleaner's been with me since back when it was still officialy 'Crap Cleaner' :D. So, I'd like to make one requestfor it - could we have the size of the system restore points listed next to each one too, and a little summary line after we've removed them the same as we have for the other cleaning ops? I have a mania for knowing how much I've cleaned each time, and this would be really cool. Many thanks! :)

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Why waste time and resources to produce meaningless statistics that most people will ignore,

and cannot be of any benefit.


Please note that CC does NOT remove an entire R.P.

It merely removes the contents of a subfolder called snaphot,

and leaves undamaged all the other files which are needed to maintain R.P. functionality,

and removes from Windows the data that would allow the user to select this R.P. for restoration.



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