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Some of my RAM has disappeared.


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Having recently downloaded Ccleaner I have started checking out things previously taken for granted. I have an Acer laptop which, according to the specification, has 256 MB of RAM. (SYSTEM INFORMATION also shows 256MB as TOTAL PHYSICAL MEMORY.) However I have today ran a PC Health Check provided by my broadband provider which says I need more RAM as I have only 192MB total. Is this normal or can anyone suggest what is happening here. Thanks

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64 MB of System RAM is allocated to your graphics processor (256 - 64 = 192MB).

Most laptop allow you to adjust the memory given to graphics, either from the BIOS setup or display properties.

Even if you could reclaim back 32MB a system with 224MB would be pretty borderline for running XP satisfactory.

Bottom line if you want a more responsive laptop or computer then add more RAM for at least 512MB but preferably 1GB+.


Be aware that laptop RAM comes in different speeds, sizes and pin numbers you need the correct one for your model.

The Kingston Technology web site should be able help you determine the type of RAM required.


Richard S.

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