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Can police deleted photos be recovered?


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Last year was assaulted first by club bouncers and then by a police officer who arrested me on false allegations. (dropped after false imprisonment, denying me a lawyer and denying me a doctor.) My friend got arrested for taking photos of the cops arresting me. They took the camera and deleted the photos. (That is illegal as well.)


I've tried using Recuva but the pictures do not appear. Is there a solution?

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The main thing here probably how the files were deleted and second, if any data has been written to the phone since.


Firstly if data was written to the phone after files were deleted, then chance of recovery is reduced.

Secondly if the files were securely deleted e.g. overwritten many times, then again chance of recovery is more limited. If they were simply deleted using the phone's delete option then that would not be secure deleting.


In any case remember that Recuva is a free tool. I accidentally deleted some photos from my camera, a birthday party or something like that. Recuva couldn't get them back and I didn't write anything to the memory card or secure delete the files.


If you really had to recover the files I'm sure there are more expensive paid companies which do advanced data recovery but again no guarentee of recovery even if you kept the card as it was since the incident.


Actually I have heard this story many times. Check http://www.met.police.uk/about/photography.htm. It's very enlightening.

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