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Google images - where do they go?

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I've just done a Google images search and come up with the new layout, instead of 20 or so images per page you now get, I dunno, hundreds on one page. Then I did a close browser and CC normal clean. I then ran Recuva and could find no trace of the hundreds of images Google had presented. I did this on both IE and FF.


Ususally when you do a Google image search, a clean, and a Recuva run you see just about all of the thumbnails displayed. But not so far with the new layout. I haven't dug too deeply so far so I might find the answer soon.


They seem to be going into c:Documents and Settings/user/PrivacIE/Index.dat. No, I don't have private browsing enabled. This index file was around 9 mb and had an enormous amount of info in it. I've added it to the Include list and run a secure delete on it, which ran OK.


This topic should be in the CC discussion really. And this Index file should be cleaned by default.

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