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CCleaner saved me! But still a slight problem.

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My operating system is Windows Vista with my PC being: Asus motherboard with 4GiG ram, dual 3GHz cpus and nvidia geeforce 9800GTX.


Anyways, some time ago my PC started going REALLY slow and laggy and my gaming experience, both SP and MP games were suffering HARD! (Playing SC2 Beta, DA:O atm)


THis became more and more painfull and i felt like destroying the whole thing with a hammer in rage after hours and hours running anti viruses and scratching my head.


Then i found CCleaner, and some time after the problems were gone (Along with 6GIG of space on C: lol)


Just wanted to personally thank you guys that made CCleaner, i definatly wont ever have a pc again without it.



I have one weird problem left though... when my PC was messed up i couldnt update! I kept getting - think it was Error 80070026 something. Now AFTER using CCleaner removing all other problems the windows updater still wont work and has changed the error to error 800B0100. I was wondering if someone know what causes this?


Again thanks alot!

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I had something similar. The advice Microsoft gives is the following: Rename the folder to which Windows downloads the update files and run Windows update again. Give that folder a slightly different name. In Windows XP that folder is called ""C:\windows\SoftwareDistribution". That folder will have in Vista a similar name. If it works (it worked for me) then you can delete the old ""softwareDistribution"" folder afterwards.

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I have added to CCleaner INCLUDE the folder



This protects me from Microsoft forcing upon "shutdown" an installation of updates that they sneaked on the PC whilst I was browsing technical forums.


I notice the ...\Download folder has been automatically recreated by Windows since it was zapped last night.


When I want an update installed, THEN I refrain from using CCleaner until after a reboot and successful installation.


Deleting the ...\Download folder has never cause me trouble, and can remove 100's of MB you will never need again.


I suggest you remove the ...\Download folder and see if that fixes your problem.


If that does not fix the problem then go with renaming C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution,

e.g. to C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution_Old


I have 20.8 MB in 6 folders that are held by C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution

Perhaps they all have to go to give you a clean start.



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