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Compuer turns off completely.. then restarts on it's own, then off again


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So my friend gave me his computer to fix, saying it doesn't turn on. First things first, I cleaned all the dust out, so it's brand new looking at least. I turned it on, and it ran to the "windows wasn't shut down properly' screen, so I chose last good configuration. It turned off, and then about 10 seconds later, it turned on. about 5 seconds after that, it turned off. I tried a couple more times, and same thing. He said this was what it kept doing. I can't get far enough to use the XP repair disk, because it usually shuts down before the bios screen displays itself. I've never come across this, so here I am. Anyone got any ideas?

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It could be a bad power supply, do you get any beeps from the speaker??


Try re-sitting the RAM, graphics card and any other PCI cards.

If that doesn't work disconnect the hard drive and CD-ROM see if it can stay switched on.


Richard S.

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