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class not registered

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I recently downloaded the new version of speccy and ran into this issue. In all the fields it shows "class not registered". Before(1.02) it would detect everything perfectly. Just wondering if anybody reported this?





see attachment


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Hi John,

I too was getting the same "Class not Registered". Your screenshot mirrored my Speccy summary page exactly.

(This is the first time I've tried Speccy, so I can't comment on the older version.)

My issue turned out to be- Windows Management Instrumentation,aka: WMI, when accessed, came back with

"Can't collect Information"--see attached pdf.file.

Turns out my WMI (which stores All my computer's nfo-drivers,file associations, permissions, programs, what does that with who and when-everything about my OS) needed to be repaired.

My WMI is back, and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in performance (my wife would probably disagree on this).

Just installed Speccy v1.02.156, and it is working fine.

Enclosed are a few links to MS Tech about WMI, troubleshooting, repairing, and a diagnostic tool from Microsoft(Thank you, Uncle Bill!!).

Hope all this rambling helps- Good Luck, keep us posted on what you find.

My OS- XP Pro. sp3


Steve aka- Baja Sur


Windows Management Instrumentation


Troubleshooting Problems with WMI Scripts and the WMI Service


WMI Diagnosis Utility


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