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Recuva to overwrite volume information file


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Hello! B)


I dig Recuva - it's great! However, I have a question. When I use its overwriting feature (set to Gutman 35 passes)it usually works very smooth and fast. Although, if the file - volume information - is on the list, I find it is so large that Recuva takes forever to overwrite it. I have begun to uncheck that file from my list if I see it. For simple house-keeping purposes, is there any reason I should overwrite it? Could a large file like that (I don't actually know what "volume" means or includes)cause me computing problems or might it be a security problem were I to get rid of my computer or get hacked into?


My OP is Win Vista Home Premium SP2. Compaq Presario 5110f. For a once a week cleanup I use CCleaner and Recuva and I defrag using the Windows OE defrag program.


Thank you for your time and trouble :rolleyes:,


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Hi Youngbear.


"System Volume Information" is your "System Restore" data.


"System Restore", if you use it, is your "get out of jail card" if you screw anything up on your computer, so you really don't want to be deleting those files.


And with regard to deleting anything, give up on the 35 pass thing. A simple one pass secure delete is all you need, unless your PC is gonna be examined by the most sophisticated forensic technology available today. It's a waste of time and effort and is putting unnecessary mileage on your drive.


If you accumulate a lot of System Restore points, which take up drive space, you can delete them using Windows.


Windows Vista System Restore Guide:


Hope that helps.

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