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Seems like something different for touchpads


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I wasn't thinking much of the decorative angle, more of the usefulness


Long period of touchpad usage causes it to no longer look as clean as it used to be. SkinStyler PC laptop protection skin is a colorful protection matte film solution that can effectively protect and cover your laptop's touchpad from dirt, dust, finger oils, effects of grease, scratches and smudges that accrete over time. The surface of the SkinStyler trackpad protection skin is smooth and never gets sticky, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly across the touch pad. It will help to keep your touchpad like new for years


Solid blue might be nice redhawk!!


Support contact




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Could be a good idea.


Anyone tried something like this?



I know, I know, I can use those "clear nicotine patches" that I have left in the packet................managed to give up smoking 1/2 way through the second pack. If I put 2 of them side by side it'll fit...... B)

Always With Kind Regards


"one is never too old to listen & learn"

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