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Not sure if my question really belongs in this forum. Would like to know if using an LED light that plugs in to a USB port is a 'drain' on my laptop causing it to 'wear out' sooner than normal. The light uses two 4.5V 0.12A bulbs. It would be especially helpful to receive an answer today, as I can get the best price for this item today should I decide to purchase it. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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I cannot advise you on whether to buy or not buy a product, but maybe a way to get more information.


Typically, on a desktop, you can draw 500ma per port. Since you have a laptop, the spec on your system may be different.


If you are running XP (not sure about other OS?s), go to device manager, expand the USB controllers and right click on a USB root hub. Select Properties and then click the power tab.


It will tell you the power available and what current that port us pulling.

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