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Please help someone!


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Please if anyone has any information!...


Basically, I can delete my temporary internet files and clear my history folder to get rid of the internet sites ive visited.


However, when i type into the address bar, for example www.g

a list of a few old websites beginning with 'g' that ive visited appear, as a drop list under the address bar. And same goes for different letters, when i start to type in an address, a list will appear of recognised sites, from ages ago! Why does the computer remember these sites and not others? I havnt saved them in any way? My favourites do not even come up??


How do I delete these internet shortcuts?? Ive tried everything but they will not go anywhere! Please anyone with any information please help!!

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THank you soo much really


I appreciate your reply so much. i have tried , Everything!! and i mean everything. didnt realise it was so simple!


The main problem has gone, however i did notice when i click on history; then go to search and type in letters or sites; the same list comes up. Is it possible to get rid of these sites permanently?





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