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Avast Log Files?

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Are there any plans to include the deletion of Avast Log Files .... because they get larger and larger and larger ...... !!!


They are stored in C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Alvil Software/Avast5\Log\


the ones that get larger and larger are ...Setup.txt, aswAr1.txt, usntr.txt


Thank you,


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Just had a look in that folder and the file "aswAr1.log" is just for today on my system, it's the anti-rootkit log and I suspect if it's deleted it would immediately grow right back to the same size.


If you want more control over the log sizes go into "Settings->Maintenance":


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Thank you, Andavari, I've limited the size of the Log Files, so shall see what happens. Yes, oops, you're right about "aswAr1.log", it's the other two that keep growing.

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