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Any reason to use the "Defrag" option

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I am testing Defraggler thoroughly and I have found that the "Defrag option" isn't that much useable with large partitions (for partitions bigger that 30Gb in size or so). That's because the method used is PAINFULLY SLOW, specially when there are lots of small files. I don't know the algorithm involved here but it tends to move a lot of already defragged data all around the disk adding a lot of time before completing the operation. I do not want to start a flame war but even WinXP built-in defragmenter does a better job in filling gaps (in less time).


Any ideas?. Defraggler is a good product but I think I will be using the "Quick defrag" option only for now. No reason for spending several hours to fill up some gaps in an already defragmented 300Gb partition. I don't care if there are some gaps left.


Keep up the good work. What I really like about Defraggler is that is free and that it isn't clog your system with unneeded s**t. Piriform programmers deserve some big praise.


EDIT: I right-clicked on a drive letter and found two advanced options from defragging free space. That's what I wanted! (and I have missed them). Doing a Quick Defrag+Defrag freespace allowing fragmentation is very fast and quite effective. Another reason for not understanding the need for a full "defrag" option. What are its benefits?

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