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interesting fact about Puran Defrag


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The most stupid brand name, I think, is Nestlé's pet food : Purina. The guy who named it must be both deaf and blind to not think about "urine". And in French, the word "purin" means manure, which makes "Purina" look even more ridiculous :lol:


But the "turkey c**k defrag" was awesome too :D


[EDIT] ...I didn't know there was a censor for sexual words :P

Piriform French translator

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It's funny how innocent words can mean something completely different in another language.


Some company's have been caught out with the naming of their products and had to rename or recall.

My favourite one has to be the Mitsubishi Pajero, which is Spanish slang for w**ker.

Ironically I used to know a guy at work who owned a Pajero and I think it really suited him. :D


Richard S.

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