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With Chrome I'm loosing my password files


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I don't use Google Chrome but I can give some suggestions.

1. Untick the box called ""Google Chrome cookies"". Passwords for websites are often stored in cookies.

2. Use the CC cookie feature (Options > Cookies) to tell CC which cookies are and aren't to be wiped but I guess then you need to tick that box ""Google Chrome Cookies"" again. It works perfectly for IE 8.

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


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What do I need to UNCHECK from the Applications Set Up to retain my Chrome passwords? I've had this problem since using CCleander; otherwise the program has been great!


The most user friendly settings for chrome are un-check Form data and Internet History, the rest keep checked to clean out. I think, this is how it works with SRWare Iron anyway, haven't used googles privacy intrusive by default tracking beast for ages.


Having the above un-checked will keep your passwords, and also the fav icons on your bookmarks (strangely, why that comes under Internet History is wierd, but fav icons are included in chromes internet history database)


If you are only concerned with passwords then I am pretty sure its just form data (which is also weird because if you want to get rid of history of addresses, post codes, credit details etc you cant if you want to preserve your passwords)


Google being sneaky?


Easy way to check anyway, go into your options and write down your passwords, check everything in CCleaner and clean it out.


Go to a site needing one of your passwords, save it.


Go back to ccleaner, uncheck form data, clean out. Then go back to the site and see if your password is remembered.


I wish CCleaner recognised SRWare Iron, and that there was some way of separating passwords from form data so the rest of form data could be cleaned out, similarly with fav icons from internet history.

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