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Speccy Bug - Causes Computer to lock up

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I have a emachine w3050 ( all stock parts )


AMD Sempron 3000+ @ 2Ghz


Integrated Geforce 4 64MB video card







The nForce 5.10 has some sort of special IDE driver/thing that Speccy does not like


This bug causes my entire computer to freeze while trying to analyze my harddrive , forcing me to press and hold the power button to restart

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I'm having what appears to be the same problem. Installed nforce mainboard drivers on my wife's machine last evening. When I run speccy the machine freezes.


(uninstalled the nforce ide drivers and went with generic windows drivers - seems to have solved this problem)

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I installed Speccy, too, on my computer - it worked fine :) Well... There was a little trouble when I was surfing the internet while Speccy was running in the background, but then I just closed it.


Unfortunately, I wanted to try it on my boyfriend's computer yesterday. I worked fine at first, but after about 10 minutes the screen started looking rather weird and it kind of froze - the computer even made a dissatisfied BEEP :-S I had to do a hard reboot and even while booting the letters looked odd. I couldn't use my keyboard while booting (don't know if that's normal on my boyfriend's computer, but don't think so). Then it looked like it was going to start up Windows (Windows logo, picture of a leopard and seemed to load), and then the screen turned black, except from the upper 2-3 inches that kept flashing white. And then nothing else happened :-S


I rebooted again and now the letters were right :) Windows started, everything looked fine, and I was happy :) I located Speccy and deleted everything I could find about it on my computer. But then 10 minutes later the same problems occured :(


I rebooted once again and the same two things happened again. I even turned the computer off after rebooting twice again and unplugged the power cable - and then I started over, thinking that NOW it worked - but no :/


Now it won't start Windows at all :( I'm very embarrassed that I destroyed my boyfriend's computer :( Any suggestions??



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