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'Issues' cleaning has issues

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Everything works perfect, but when it comes to cleaning issues, I am truly convinced that the "Issues" cleaning feature of CCleaner is what did my computer in. I use an e-machine, running on Windows XP, and after running the issue cleaning, and restarting my computer, the machine fires up, but nothing loads on the monitor!

(fact: i checked everything, and the monitor is working properly and is properly hooked to the computer.)

Any ideas on what happened/might have happened? I really want that computer back, but it won't load itself. I took it to a computer specialist, and he told me he doesn't know what happened and offer to repair (more like replace the insides to me) for the most expensive price ever! I still have it in my closet, but still, i really want to know what happened...


P.S. I am not an antagonist towards this program, since i use it every day on my new computer (actually, i really, really like it, it's easy to use...the interface is really nice), but i am very leery about the Issues cleaning feature, and haven't (dare) used it yet.

If you can help out, great! If you have no say, then no problem!

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I have an emachine and have run issues umpteen times with no problem. I suspect a virus got you. Why not run your restore disc that came with the emachine? That will probably fix the problem.

If it isn't broke, tweak it.

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Naturally, i thought about that, but eversince i ran the issues cleaning, the pc boot up, but does not regconize itself as an emachine...the screen is blank and no matter how many times I restart it (impossible from menu...i manually press the shutdown button for 8-10 sec until it shuts down and then started it up again) the pc appear to be reading the cd, but...nothing! (the cd restore was a good idea though...thanks)

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