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Internet Explore 8 and Windows Live Messegers


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CCleaner - Feature Suggestions


Suggest #1

Cleaner - Windows - Internet Explore


After to close the Internet Explores 8 and to execute the CCleaner (all the versions), the computer is off.


At another moment, computer is on. Internet Explorer 8 is initiated and some times Internet Explorer shows the message asking: " It desires that the IE8 restarts the previous session/previous site? " For times, then the IE8 opens a visited had access home page previously/exactly after to execute the CCleaner with all the marked options of cleanness.


I suggest that it is I coat folder IE8 that contains description, being effectively extinguished sites recently visited, not allowing that IE8 presents previous page.



Suggest # 2

Cleaner - Applications - Internet - Windows Live Messenger


After to close the Windons Live Messenger (and similars versions) and to execute the CCleaner (all the versions), the computer is off.


At another moment, computer is on. The Windows Live Messeger is initiated. In the box of entrance/connection, some times is shown the ID of the previous user. In the Start button, later the Search button, Archives or Folders?, later always it is possible to verify/to find/to discover tracks/remaining portions of the ID' s of the previous users, being enough to look for: in all the folders, words with part of the name " @hot " (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Configuration \ Aplication Date \ Microsoft \ Messenger \ user@hotmail.com).


Thus I suggest that she is enclosed the complete cleanness of the folder with ID' s of the Windows Live Messenger, not allowing with that other users discover that ID' they had preceded it to s in the computer.


I also suggest that it is emptied/clean/delete the folder (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Aplication Date \ Microsoft \ MSN Messenger).

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1. IE8 remembers which websites the user has visited to be able to open the latest website(s) again when the browser has to be restarted e.g. after a power outage. If you really want to get rid of that info then add (in Windows XP) ""C:\Documents and Settings\-user-\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\"" to the list of folders to be wiped. Then IE8 starts the next time with the homepage(s) only.


2. it seems you know in folder(s)/file(s) that ID info is stored. Add them to the list to be wiped by CC.

System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


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