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AVG Anti-virus 8.5


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I am not tech-savvy (chosen name "allthumbs" for good reason), so need explanations for the dumbest things! Is there a patient person out there who could explain some stuff?

After a nasty experience with a site that would NOT let me log out, I disconnected from the net and did a restart and a whole-computer scan, which showed "no threats," but many "locked files." I've been trying to find out:

a) what "locked file" means,

B) who/when/how said files got locked, and

c) whether or not I should unlock same (if I can find out how to do it) and run scan again?

If anyone wants a small karma-upgrade, please give me a hand here.

Sincerely grateful!

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Hello allthumbs and welcome to the forum.


We have a Spyware Hell section of this forum where a spyware moderator can offer assistance and advice in matters related to spyware.


Have a read here and do what logs that you are able to do and then copy and paste the logs into a new thread in Spyware Hell.



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Dear Hazelnut,

I do appreciate that you're trying to help, but - ! All I asked for was answers to my 3 questions. I am not, at this time, seeking a "cure" for a problem. At this time, I don't know whether I have a problem. Everything on my computer seems to be running just fine, and these files may have been locked by the paid expert who set up my system, to keep me from bollixing it up. If I do what your post listed, it will feel like taking a Mannlicher to kill a gnat!


I never tried anything illegal, but went to a link because a friend told me that there I could hear a recording of the Missa Louba. Obviously, my friend made an error.

Are you telling me that these questions tell you that I DO have a virus? I will not try to cure something unless I know it's there. And, frankly, I'd probably pay a professional to fix it, rather than trying to do it myself; if I ruin my own computer through my lack of expertise, I'd have no recourse.


If you have the patience to reply with simple answers to my three questions, or if others do, I will be grateful. I am aware that many tech-savvy people seem to have nothing but contempt for those who aren't, and frankly this feels a bit like a brush-off. I, too, have been a consultant on matters which require intricate and delicate manuvering through a system (human services for the developmentally disabled), and it is tempting to just dictate, and not explain to a person who is challenged. But I did not do it that way, because I respect that everyone has a right to make informed choices in their lives.

There's the key word - informed. Please don't just tell me that I need an operation, without even a diagnosis.

Thanks anyway!

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Its a good idea to follow the advice of moderators, if Hazel thinks your problem is malware related then it more than likely is


a) what "locked file" means,

B) who/when/how said files got locked, and

c) whether or not I should unlock same (if I can find out how to do it) and run scan again?

a) Its a file that cannot be scanned, cant get its MD5, loads of other potential issues

B) Locked files are usually due to malware or a security program

c) No you shouldn't unlock files.



If you have the AVG log post it here

By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.





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