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Cleaning History in Firefox?

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Hi, I have just about ALL options checked in CC and have never seen this before? I just cleaned the PC and afterwards went to check on my own site and lo and behold ALL history has gone! Just todays history is there which I expect. BUT what also went was ALL my bookmarks I have just taken around two hours to sort out!!! And when I say ALL I mean ALL of the bookmarks form the last month or so! But not as I say from History but from the actual tags I sorted them into?? Is this CC or is it just me??




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You have checked "Compact databases" which apparently would erase your Bookmarks because

Firefox 3 uses SQLite database to store the history, bookmarks, the anti-phishing, etc..


You should know what you have checked before doing so! Please read the CCleaner Docs (The link is in my Signature).

By default such options are unchecked so that such hazards do not occur. <_<

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If you're using a recent version of Firefox, it automatically backs up your bookmarks in the following location, and the back ups carry the date they were made.


"C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8sgu9e5b.default\bookmarkbackups" (The bold number will be different)


I like to keep my Firefox bookmarks listed alphabetically, but every so often they get muddled up for whatever reason, and I have to organize them again. This has happened on my PC for as long as I've been using Firefox.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding something here, selecting the option to Compact databases does NOT purge your bookmarks in FF.

Indeed, I'm not sure where Ishan's got that idea from :huh:

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