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help with broadband


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can anyone help me please

i have a pc running windows xp sp2 on a broadband connection which works just fine for about 4 -5 hours then i can no longer access the net.Everything else seems to to be fine its just that my internet access doesnt work.

i run outpost pro ver 2.7.481.5421(415).

this is really annoying as the only way i can access the net is to reboot

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It is best if you get a router as it has several advantages.


* Off loads the task of ignoring rogue packets thus not impacting system performance

* Can be set to keep the connection alive automatically

* Provides an additional layer of protection by isolating the system


A router can be had for almost free with rebates.


I'm using a SMC7004VBR router that I purchased for $40.00 a couple of years ago and I feel it was the best investment that I have made.


Keep Outpost as outbound protection.

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