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Update won't download and install.

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I am running CCleaner version 2.31.1153 on Windows XP Pro SP2. I have spent the day trying to download Version 2.32.1165 from both Piriform and File Hippo. I get a box saying ccsetup232.exe, click on Save File (the other option is Cancel) and everything disappears. I get a notice that all files have finished downloading but the Downloads box is blank and there is no Installer on the desktop. There is nothing which allows me to right-click and install as Administrator. I have turned off all programs which might interfere. I have Used System Restore to take me back 3 months but it still won't download and install.


I can't update WinPatrol either. (It's turned off now.) The same thing happens.


Please help!

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Might be an idea to have a read here and follow what steps you can, and then post whatever logs you have managed to do in the Spyware Hell part of the forum





CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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