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Now phishing tabs


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That's sneaky.


It's worth trying the Raskin's "proof-of-concept" link in a new tab. Move away from that tab, and it changes to a GMail log-in page.


It doesn't look quite right, so would probably only fool the unwary or less knowledgeable, but that was probably all of us at one time.


Nice find hazel.

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I'm quite pleased, it doesn't succeed on my Firefox thanks to installed extensions. The first proof of concept does manage to change the tab title and favicon but no page content loads, it's blocked by Request Policy.

The second proof of concept that is supposed to get past NoScript protection (which I don't use) doesn't work at all, I discovered this is thanks to CookieSafe Lite. Simply not having cookies allowed for the site stops it working. And if I try again but with CookieSafe disabled, once again no page content loads as it's blocked by Request Policy.

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