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Missing Shared .dll's

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From the information I have been able to find so far, it looks like CCleaner resolves a missing shared .dll by deleting the Registry key that calls the missing .dll. Is this correct? If so, why is it OK to delete those keys? Don't they serve a purpose somewhere?


And where did those keys come from? Examination of the missing .dll's in the list I got shows some files with a path originating from my CD-ROM drive. Of course, those .dll's are missing -- the CD-ROM on which they reside isn't in the drive. Are they left over from an installation, or are bad things going to happen some day if I remove them?


Rob M.

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Hi there,


If the shared DLL no longer exists then the reference to it in the registry becomes invalid, so it is safe to delete.

There should never be shared DLLs referenced on a CD drive as shared DLLs by definition are system files which should be installed onto the system drive. It's probably due to a poorly written application.


Hope this helps.



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