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First off, I just want to give you guys kudos on a great piece of software. By the nature of what recuva does, you offer people a glimmer of hope in what is a dark, panicked, trying time. To do so without resorting to hostage-ware 'demo versions' is worth its weight in karma ten-fold. Thanks.


So the feature that I think is needed, and that would have saved my ass this time, would be the ability to add custom signatures to the deep search function. It would seem that recuva currently has a compiled in list of the signatures of some very common files, but I'm currently in a situation where it does not detect some more rare files created by an HVX-200 video camera ( .MXF and .XML ). I'm not suggesting that you should bake in these specific, rare files, but rather to provide some facility where an experienced ( knows how to use a hex editor ) user could manually enter a signature to search for. An alternative would be simply integrating in the semi-standard unix magic file for searching.


Anyway, recuva didn't save me this time, but keep up the good work and I'll check back next time some idiot deletes my footage.


BTW, the header of the MXF files seems to be ( based on three not particularly diverse references ): 06 0E 2B 34 02 05 01 01 0D 01 02 01 01 02 04 00 83 00 00 68 00 01 00 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00

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