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critical error in parsing file names to be erased


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I use Google Earth which used to store huge information in a cache.dat file (800 MB !!) destroyed by error by your CCleaner and this way causing loosing tens hours of navigation to get that information for my offline use !!! Large mistake !!


The keyword "cache" used in many different files handled by various application must not be the only decision key to erase that file !!! :o


On the other hands, although CCleaner display index.dat files as marked for deletions during its cleaning process, these files are not erased during next system restarting (by the way CCleaner never notifiy on this critical aspect !!!


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BEST IDEA to fix a lot of errors in parsing file names for the files to be erased is to allow user to select or unselect the files to be erased individually and also to save a profile of files to be erased and parsed during all next running CCleaner

(check EasyCleaner designed by Toni Arts, one of best also freeware progs doing this and many more...)

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