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Index.dat not deleted


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I've a problem with index.dat files. The list is showen after cleaning anlalyse, did not show the index.dat files. After reboot the index.dat files are not deleted and filesize is the same as before.


What can i do?


thanks in advance




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The cleared files are recreated on reboot.  Each has a default minimum file size (multiple of 16 KB) even if empty.





Hi Glenn,


thanks for this answer.


The size of my index.dat is 5mb before CCleaner ist running.

The Analyse didn't find any index.dat.

The size after cleaning with CCleaner is also 5mb.


I think the problem is, that CCleaner didn't find any of the index.dat files.


I'm using XP pro SP2...



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If you can post the location of the index.dat files then I'll look into it :)






i know that there are other tools to clear the index.dat files. I've tested some of them, for e.g. IE Privacy Keeper, but i like CCleaner.


The position of the index.dat is

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\brainbug\Lokale Einstellungen\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat




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CCleaner deletes the index.dat file but Windows will recreate them.

They will however not contain any previous IE usage tracks.  :)








the problem with the index.dat files is that the size and its content is the same as before the pc reboots.






He got you there. It helps to read the posts. ;)

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Hi everyone, this is my first post to the CCleaner Forums.


Anyway, index.dat files are "locked" by running processes such as outlook.exe and explorer.exe. To delete them, all you have to do it run a cmd prompt and task manager. Close out of Outlook and in TM kill the explorer.exe process. In the cmd prompt change directory to %USERPROFILE% and then do a dir index.dat /s. You also may want to try dir index.dat /s /ah and dir index.dat /s /as. You should be able to now use the del command to remove these files. Once finished, you need to restart explorer.exe, by statring it in the Command Prompt window.


I see index.dat files here:


.\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat

.\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat



Maybe the CCleaner author could have CCleaner terminate the explorer.exe process, remove these files, then restart explorer.exe. Better yet, he could determine which processes are locking these files and ask the user if it would be OK to end these programs.


Someone on the Sysinternals forum mentioned this program : WhoLockMe


This is the way I found out which processes were "locking" these files. When you use this program from the command line, you must use the full pathname of the file or directory that you are investigating. Using a relative path will not work with the program.


Nov 23, 2005 Update: I have found a better program to "unlock" files, called unlocker. Here is the URL: http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/



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