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After recuvering pictures, check all, save all to a folder

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is there any way that i can check mark ALL of the photo files that recuva found and then save them ALL to one folder on a drive, to sort later? why can't there be a "select all," which also would give me the opportunity, once i have selected all of the photos recovered, unselect those that i don't want.


i WISH that i could know whether i myself deleted the photo files or whether that damned virus did it! what would help is to see the path that it was in when it was removed, and, if an algorithm could be made that shows you that you have other versions of a particular photo (date created, date modified, and so on), where they are, so that you are not taking back picture files that you deliberately deleted.


ya see, if you are attacked like i was with a TH that scattered my pictures files all over the darned disk (and, because for some purposes, i use compressed, or resized, or resized AND then compressed), it would be sooooo nice to see if there's another copy in a valid path that was not deleted by virus or by myself. (knowing what deleted it would be good too, and the only qualifier there would be for that would be this: deleted by username x on date to recycle bin).


i currently only want to be able to check off all of the little boxes for all the photos that this beautiful recuva restored, but i can't do that. why? why check them to restore to a drive one by one, particularly if a group is all related?

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Try... In the Filename or Path box select Pictures. Then tick the box next to Filename top l/h corner. Then right click, select Recover Checked. Recover them into whatever folder you select.


You ca of course sort Recuva's results by Last Modified date by clicking on the column header. After you have recovered your files you can show the folder in Details view, and also show the Date Created and Date Modified fields (which are maintained in recovery) and sort these columns too.


Your other requirements are beyond me, and I suspect beyond most software too.

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