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Speccy v1.01 Final Release

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sp_64.pngThanks to all the Speccy beta testers we've fixed all the major and most of the minor bugs ;)So we've just released the first non-beta build version.With many more features planned, this is just the start of a great product!Change log:


  • First full non-beta release.
  • Multi-language support added- note only English in this installer.
  • Save settings to INI added.
  • Standardized on sentence case for labels.
  • Improved large font support.
  • Lots of minor text tweaks and stability fixes.

For those of you that don't know... Speccy is a fast, small, easy-to-use program that tells you about the hardware on your PC system. If you've ever wondered how fast your RAM is, or what video card you're running, or your motherboard revision number, Speccy can tell you. It will even tell you how hot certain components are running - useful if you're getting unusual crashes.


For more information on Speccy and to download visit www.piriform.com/speccy




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TIP: Adding Portable.dat (just copy it from anyother Piriform file or make a text file which reads #PORTABLE# with no hard return, called portable.dat) forces the program to use ini setting for portablility

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I love temp meters! I discovered that my video card cooler was damaged because of this! :)

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