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Video Driver Conflicts


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Installed a GEForce FX-5200 PCI 128 MB video card .

I have had troubles loading the games . The screen goes black and shells back to the desktop with the 3d disabled and the Direct Draw Accelerators disabled.

I have directx 9.0c which the card supports and it supports my Win98 OS.

dxdirect shows 3D enabled and Direct Draw Accelerators enabled except after I try to play the games. The onboards are disabled and everything else seems to be OK.


I ran MSInfo32 to look at any conflicts and there were none but I noticed Under the components heading display my nvidia drivers are sharing with a few other old onboard drivers . I tried driver cleaner and it did delete the old drivers but they are still in the system info. My Bios is pretty much set correctly.


I did notice when I was running the onboard graphics that I could play my games and the AGP Accelerator was enabled in the dxdiag display.Not so with the nvidia installation. Is there something here...? Any suggestions would be kosher <_<

I am at a TOTAL LOST as to what the fix could be.

A simple frickin video card install and this crap happens...Frustrated... B)

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