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Cookies do not always appear in Delete list

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Hello, this bug has existed for a few months but I never reported it as I thought you guys would fix it since you release so many good updates for CCleaner. In the earlier versions of CCleaner, when I visited a site, I would open up the program and go to Options > Cookies and you would see the list of cookies on the left and I can click on the arrow to move the selected cookie to the "Cookies to Keep" section to prevent CCleaner from removing cookies from certain sites. When I visit sites like DigitalPoint.com I noticed that the cookies do not appear in the CCleaner menu for me to try and keep them. This wasn't a problem before but a few versions back this problem has occurred. This bug happens on my Windows XP desktop and my Windows 7 laptop. If I continually open and close CCleaner then eventually the cookie will appear on the list.

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