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Ultimate Predator, I think it is probably time you posted a HJT log, your comp certainly seems to have problems, the type of problems that would normally be associated with malware.


I just looked back at this thread:




It seems you thought certain products that you use were more than capable than the products that we like to recommend in here.

This could be where your problem is coming from.

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i installed Outpost free version today. When i try to update it.. why does it gives me info to download the pro version? aren't they releasing any updates for the free version?

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Found this,



Hope it helps.

Basically,the free version isn't developed anymore.

The pro version is nice,though can be buggy on some systems and support from

actuall company Agnitum,is,well, not there.You have to search out for help from




and http://www.wilderssecurity.com/

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Outpost Free was released before Windows XP and has not been updated for it - there is therefore a possibility that it will cause problems (including blue screen crashes) with Windows XP, especially with Service Pack 2 (disabling SP2's Data Execution Protection may help in some cases).


It all makes sense now. I have got this blue screen crash few times.. was wondering what's causing it. Anyways, i am using Windows Default Firewall.. anyone got any suggestions for a better firewall? (Freeware) :D

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