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False Reporting on Unused Extensions


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Cleaner's Issues falsely includes .R3D, .set, sy2, .td3, and .xpi as "Unused File Extensions", but my files include all of them.

*.R3D is used by "3D Inspection Systems",

*.set is also used by "3D Inspection Systems",

*.sy2 is used by "Darn Passwords",

*td3 is used by "TDS-3",

*.xpi is used by "Mozilla" (several of these files are tmp or temp; one is "dictionary_search_latest", another is "xpcom", and the last is "gre".)

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Those are temporary, not actively used.






Not all. *.sy2 is a backup file for DarnPasswords, which automatically backups up daily; a *.tds file was used a few days ago.


Although it is true that the *.r3d and *.set files have not been accessed in a long time, they are, nevertheless, files I do not want to affect adversely.

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They more than likely won't be effected in any way.


For example, I update ClamWin Free Antivirus everyday and archive the newly downloaded .cvd definition file into a backup .zip archive. Now when I run CCleaner->Issues it will find the unused .cvd file extension. Whatsmore in the Issues scanner you can right click to de-select items you wish to leave intact and CCleaner will leave them alone.


As with all programs that contain a registry cleaner there "may" be some user decision involved of what to leave intact and what to remove.

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They more than likely won't be effected in any way.








166 Registry issues deleted at one fell swoop by CCleaner; the result of all these deletions is that 2? minutes have been lopped off bootup time.


What is particularly noteworthy is that I regularly use an expensive Registry Cleaner recommended by PC Magazine, but it has never found the crap that CCleaner has.


CCleaner rocks. Its performance and the tech support from this forum are topnotch.


Congratulations to its developer and the people who are giving a helping hand here.


Regards to everyone,



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