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New tool for deleting the "marked as deleted" files

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Requirements for a new tool that deletes the "as deleted marked" files.


The new tool should scan for files which are "marked as deleted" (also in the MFT)


then on user interaction overwrite the found file(s) with one of these methods

- simple overwrite (1 time)

- DOD 5220.22-M (3 times)

- NSA (7 rounds)

- Gutmann (35 times)


The "Gutmann" method should be the default value; methods should be configuratable.


In any case should a "0" and then a "1" (when more then one round is needed) be used to overwrite the file(s).

Google for the exact definition of these methods!

Important: It should NOT be used another file or a file(-fragment) for overwriting!


ANY information of the file should be "reset":

AFTER overwriting

- the file path should be set to "<currentDrive>:\", like: "C:\"

- the file size set to zero bytes

- the timestamps, like "create date", "last change", "last use", etc. etc. should be set to "01.01.1900 00:00:00"

- the file name should be set to a random value.

The random value should be a sequence of exact 12 digits. A digit should be in range from 0 to 9.

The random value should NOT be a hash value of the before deleted file content, the current timestamp or any other information.

The random values for two deleted file should not be "n" for file one and "n+1" for the following file.


Also in the MFT stored and as "deleted marked" fiels should be overwritable.

There should be a "configuration flag" to turn this off.

Means the default value should be "delete also in MFT stored and as deleted marked" files.



ok, lets discuss :-)

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