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Recuva to delineate files found

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what i'd most like to see recuva be able to do is to provide a table that shows which copy of a photo is, on the disk, then compare that one to "recuva-ed" copies of that photo.


i recently downloaded a trojan horse in two separate paths in my C drive. it wreaked havoc on my media files, in particular, photographs! they got scattered all over the disk. it was and still is a nightmare, and it has already been 9 months since the problem began.


since i sometimes use different versions of a photo, for instance, one largest, one smaller, and one largest compressed and one smaller compressed, wouldn't it be fine if recuva would tell us WHICH of the copies it had found?


also it would be good to see recuva tell us if the picture had been DELETED by the user, i.e., why recover a deleted photo file two times? why not be able to see the "deleted" file, designated as deleted with the deletion date, and then to be able to wipe the space it holds clean? because: if you know that recuva already recovered the files that you need, and it also has to recover files you deleted, why not be able to know that so you can "re-" delete it for good?


THEN, since my secretary uses a limited user account on my xp system and sometimes has to work with photo files (my company uses them a lot), if she is working with a "shared" version which she COPIED, why not be able to know that? i.e., that recuva should indicate which files on which paths and in what condition (compressed, large--sizes--altered...) these were in when they were recovered?


i know that what i just said amounts to practically an entire program, but i just wanted to throw it out to everyone to see what they thought about it as an option.


i love recuva, however!



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