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We've spent a lot of time in recent weeks cleaning up and improving CCleaner's interface. Little tweaks now make it a lot easier to use, and we've added functionality you've been requesting to simplify working with cookies, included and excluded items, and Registry keys.


Plus all the bug fixes and cleaning improvements you've come to expect from Piriform!


Full change log:

CCleaner v2.30.1130

  • Improved Firefox History cleaning to remove orphaned items.
  • Improved Opera History cleaning.
  • Improved Options Include/Exclude screens.
  • Added manual domain adding for Cookies to keep list.
  • Added time remaining to Wipe Free space.
  • Added context menu to Summary Results for individual rule cleaning.
  • Added context menu to Detailed Results to add file to Exclude list.
  • Improved Firefox database compacting.
  • Improved support for OpenOffice.
  • Improved support for screen reader.
  • Improved registry detection and backup support for 64-bit OSs.
  • Improved Free Space wiping routines.
  • Fixed bug in application detection algorithm.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Click here to download.

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First the positive, the improved inclusions screen is excellent, as is the improved context menu options.


BUT it says "Improved Firefox History cleaning" but it still doesn't clear the sidebar history, which I thought would be the fix.


Also can I request just a little more detail in the changelog than just "Improved....", that changelog doesn't give any clue about what has actually changed in the FF Database compacting, OpenOffice cleaning, free space wiping (this in particular would be nice to know as CC is still playing catch up a little in that area) etc. Apart from wanting to know so you can check it out, its good to know so you can keep an eye out for any bugs and check the improvements work correctly.


(And I know I scream this in vain with every release but I'm not the only one, please can we have the option of having the detailed results screen by default. Pleeeease :D )

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This is the first time CCleaner has removed something I definitely didn't want removed.


This version cleans out the Opera "Favicons" located here:


C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\icons


If you don't want to lose these add the "icons" folder to CCleaners "exclude" feature.



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For the last few versions of Ccleaner, compacting Chrome database stops at 96%. It eventually completes the job in about 4 mins. I have written bug reports. I had hoped the lastest release would address this, but no..... It was all right a few weeks ago so maybe I will go back to that version.

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Many thanks MrG and Piriform for the continued great work.

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