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Index.dat files not cleaned


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Hi, I'm just moving past the Computer Illiterate to Novice stage swhich may explain why I'm not getting the results from your program.

Each time I run CC I still have several Index.dat files left> Each with anywhere from 16 to to 64 Kb each. Wehn the cc runs is it supposed to delte these files entierly , empty them leaving the file in place or??? if the files are not supposed to be there at all what's happening.

Thanks for your assistance.



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I've a problem with index.dat files, too. The list is showen after anlalyse cleaning, did not show the index.dat files. After reboot the index.dat files are not deleted and filesize is the same as before.


What can i do?


thanks in advance



Brainbug :unsure:

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