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Yabector trojan on CCleaner?

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It appears that Microsoft Security Essentials dislikes the eBay stuff you offer in CCleaner. I understand that this may be a source of income for you and that is okay by me. ;)


But could I PLEASE, please have a chance to buy a "license" for a version without Yabector?


Eagerly awaiting your (positive?) reply. TIA.

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Hi eikelein, and welcome to Piriform.


Piriform doesn't offer any ebay stuff in it's install of CCleaner, only the Yahoo Toolbar, which you have the option to uncheck. And CCleaner is free to all.


It sounds like you've downloaded a rogue version, or a program with a similar name.


Download CCleaner from here:




Where did you download that program from?

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Well I had to check Ebay just to be sure and yes it appears someone is selling Ccleaner on there.

I've tried to report it to eBay countless times but they make it damn near impossible. CCleaner has been on there for over a year now!

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