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SB and deleting name and password?


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I am using SB as default browser and have 2 questions for you:

1: Is there a box to check Not to delete name and password after using delete contents from SB?

2: check box for UAC?


I am getting a little more comfortable with SB as I was making it too complicated in the beginning so I will probably be back again with more ? on SB

Thanks in Advance,


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Which browser are you using Sandboxed?


Dennis I am using IE8. You are probably going to shoot me but I'm the fool that asked a similar ? before. But this time I am sticking with you and SB.

By the way, my name is also Dennis.

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I don't use Internet Explorer and I don't have IE8 at all, but there are a couple of ways to do this.


I think the best way is to go online un-sandboxed, and access (log in) to any sites where you want to keep your passwords. This will allow your browser to save them in the default location.


Then when you browse Sandboxed, it won't matter if the password info is deleted in the sandbox because you already have it saved in wherever IE8 stores that information, and it will be available when you need it.


Another way is to use the settings within Sandboxie to make an "Open File Path" for your saved passwords. This would allow you to save new passwords while sandboxed, and they would be saved to the "real" saved passwords location in your browser folder, and not in the sandbox.


In Firefox the option to do that is on this settings page accessed by opening the Sandboxie Control Window either from "Start\All Programs", or double clicking the Sandboxie System Tray icon.




I don't recognize a similar item under Internet Explorer, so it may be a case of going into the Sandboxie Configuration file and entering an Open File Path manually.


This is quite easy as long as you know the name and location of the saved password folder/file.


I would suggest trying the first method, (un-sandboxed), but I would be happy to help with the other methods if that's what you would prefer to do.


An example of using the first method is actually shown here by hazel running un-sandboxed to keep a setting saved on her PC, and then running sandboxed afterwards.



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