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Hi There :P


About a half year ago, i made a Dutch manual for CCleaner, wich i'm hosting on my Dutch Anti-malware Site.

At this moment, i'm renewing it to version 1.23


I noticed that there are some Dutch translations missing :huh:

I you want, i could sent them to you or post them in this forum, so perhaps they can be added to CCleaner?


Also, i noticed that, in Issues there is an item MUI cache ... Shouldn't that be MRU cache? :rolleyes:



Jan :)


By the way ... i know CCleaner quiet well and am a expirienced Anti-malware-helper (Expert on CastleCops, Bleeping Computer and Spyware Beware! ... among others), so if you need an extra helper, just let me know :D

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Hi MrG,


These are the translations:


In Cleaner > Cleaner Instellingen > Applicaties: Remote Desktop should be Verbinding met extern bureaublad


In Opties > Gevorderden: Toon gedetaillerd log van Internet Explorer tijdelijke bestanden ... gedetaillerd should be gedetailleerd



And these are some translations wich would be more clear for users:


Gereedschap: Opslaan naar tekstbestand ... replace naar with in een


Gereedschap: Programma's geselecteerd voor verwijdering.

If you translate this back to English, it says: Programs selected for removal.

But ... they are not selected, just selectable ;)

I think Verwijderbare programma's or Programma's die kunnen worden verwijderd is more clearer.


My last proposal is very minor, but still ...

Advanced is translated to Gevorderden. The correct Dutch translation, however, is Geavanceerd



That's all, for now :lol:



Best regards, Jan :)

PS: Please ignore my silly remark, about the MUI cache in my first post ... :wacko:

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