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Free Music Remastering program?


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Hi, I was wondering if you can suggest any free program that can remaster MP3 files so that I can improve the sound quality of some of my MP3 music files. I have this MP3 music file of an unreleased song and it doesn't even feature a bass guitar, I was hoping if I could remaster the song digitally, I can improve its quality.

I love computer maintenance tasks.

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Wordpad -basic word processing

Notepad - temporary clipboard and basic scripting module

Windows Media Player 12- video, music and online radio player

Windows Media Center - live TV, local FM radio

CCleaner- handy computer maintenance tool


If something fails to work after using the registry cleaner, use SYSTEM RESTORE.

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Since MP3 is lossy any changing of it would also detail transcoding ("re-encoding") it after you've changed the bass settings, this equals a reduction in the original quality.


What you could do without any editing of the original file is to use DSP plugins/Equalizer in your media player such as Winamp, Foobar2000, etc., to change the sound.

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