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IE8 causing problems

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I really want to remove IE8, I am happy to get back to IE7 and I know if you remove 8 it is suppose to revert to 7 however I have tried the easy way to go through remove programs , but it is not listed there. I also went to the MS page and put a search in for the uninstall file (I am sorry I lost the name) that they suggest I use, this also turned up nothing.. Is there a way to completely remove it, and reinstall IE7? Or even if you can give me some pointers on how to get 8 off I will try that. But IE8 has always given me a lot of problems and when I get to a point where I am ready to blow I use Firefox. However I really feel I need IE7 on my computer and workable.


Some info on my computer---HP pavilion dv 6700 Notebook PC ---AMD Turion 64 X2 2 GHz

32 bit vista---3 GB Ram--I have SP2 installed---Hard disk is 174 GB with 96 GB free


If I can just get the internet explorer reverted or reinstalled I will be most happy

Thanks for any help you all can give me

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