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CCleaner & ZoneAlarm & Spybot


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I've just downloaded CCleaner and clicked Analyze and it's come up with a potential 331MB to be removed. This would be fantastic, because my C Drive is constantly dropping below 100MB, which causes obvious performance problems. This is despite using Windows Washer and obsessively clearing Internet History and Cookies, etc.


However, most of this potential memory save from the CCleaner analysis seems to be from the following:


- Spybot Logs/Checks/Fixes


- ZoneAlarm Logs


Can anyone advise if it's safe to delete these?


For example, I'm concerned that spyware quarantined by Spybot might be re-introduced to my system.


Many thanks.

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Its perfectly safe to remove those files. The ZA ones are just the logs of what it has blocked. Same thing goes for the spybot ones, and no it wont reintroduce the the spyware. All its removing are the logs.


When you say that your memory is dropping below 100mb do you mean your hard drive or your ram, because CCleaner has nothing to do with your ram.


If your system is running low on ram I can help you find out what processes that you have running that you dont need. Just post a hijack this log. :)

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