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You could also try VSO's "DivXtoDVD", which is the old freeware version of the now named "ConvertXtoDVD".




Use the link highlighted here:




You'll also find very detailed guides on all kinds of video conversion here:







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can some one help me look for avi to dvd burner for free that works most dont work or 50% on some dvds i have alot of avi movies and finding one that works is hard help thank you

Hi xxx41. I like to use portable apps (when possible) and have started experimenting with DVDStyler. Here's a link. The tutorial from DVDStyler's web site is here. But I found this tutorial a little more to my liking.


Lastly, more information about free dvd authoring programs, including DVD Flick and DVDStyler can be found here.

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Give 'Quick Media Converter' a try! I've used this software for a few format conversions (although I haven't tried it for exactly the same type as your requirement, but having said that I'm sure it would work well) in the past and has been exceptionally good!





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I pretty much know nothing about converting ratio or what ever to dvd. But gf wanted to see a dvd last night.


http://www.avitompeg.net/ converted a avi 2 mpeg (free and very easy)


Then just dragged and dropped in explorer, clicked files to copy.


we just got a standard ?50 dvd player. worked fine.

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Some DVD players can play media files from a file system i.e. mpeg-1, mpeg-2 DivX or mpeg-4 so it's not always necessary to create a compliant DVD which can be rather time consuming.

As for the freeware media encoders 99% of them use ffmpeg anyway so recommending another one would be a little pointless however WinFF suits my needs with a simple interface. :D


Programs that use ffmpeg - http://www.ffmpeg.org/projects.html


The ones you should avoid (they're crooks) - http://www.ffmpeg.org/shame.html


Richard S.

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i was trying to cmd line ffmpeg last night(first time as said above)


i could of smashed my pc up :D

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