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raid 0 defrag


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Defraggler's defrag engine is insanely slow in comparison to the competition.


I pretty much gave up on defraggler after all the issues related to RAM usage and the insanely slow / unoptimized defrag engine that seems to take the longest route when placing files on a hard drive.


I'm not sure why defraggler opts to move files to the bottom of the drive temporarily when it finds a small gap of a couple megabytes in between two sectors. Rather than plugging up that gap with a song / a few files, it decides instead to move the next thousand sectors to the bottom of the drive, then re-order everything one by one.


Not only is it slow, but it literally yields no performance increase and only serves to elongate defrag times.


BTW i have a 400+400GB RAID0 array as well, and i experienced the same thing. My drives can burst at over 360MB per second, yet defraggler takes an eternity to defrag. It took 15 hours to defrag a 1TB hard drive, whereas diskeeper took 1.5 hours, whilst removing ALL fragments. Defraggler left a couple fragmented files behind.

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