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Media Players eatting up CPU


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Well, I updated my video card the other day from a Geforce 5200 to a GeForce 6600. Everything is fine with it graphic and game wise, but I'm having issues trying to play back mpegs and dvds on all of my players. When I pulled up the task manager it was saying that the media player was using up 100% of my CPU, and it was slowing down my computer a ton.


Here's all my information, I hope it's just something I forgot to do and it's not the card itself ><


A7N8X-E Motherboard

AMD Athlon XP 3200+


GeForce 6600 256MB card - ForceWare version 78.11

Windows XP SP2


Having issues running Windows Media Player 10 and Quicktime. I've heard this has been an issue with GeForces series 6 cards, any advice would help ^^

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well, I uninstalled everything and reinstalled the drivers from the disk. It works now O_o


The ForceWare version is now 71.84, so I've downgraded, but does anyone know WHY it works now? I can't make heads or tails of it.....

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Media Players eatting up CPU


Did they say if it tasted good or not and how much did they eat up? Are they fill!?!?


I don't know the exact reason, but drivers tend to conflict with other drivers every now and then.


I don't recommend updating drivers unless you know for sure it will improve or fix performance in any manner. You can run into problems "like that one", if you keep updating your drivers all the time.


On another note, it could also be how you are installing/updating the drivers.


A few years ago, I wrote a big article on a news site about updating drivers. It was mainly for an ATI/VIA conflict that was happening a few years ago. But, really obtains to all drivers.

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