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DefragFreespace(forbid Fragmentaion) Causes Fragmentation!

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I've tried Various settings, and obviously Both options:


Defrag FreeSpace

Defrag FreeSpace (allow fragmentation)


On a Fat32 drive with 19% free space, out of 150GB total and only 7 fragmented files,

Defraggler is causing Massive fragmentation of files, (thousands of fragmented files!!).

each fragment is roughly only 2 pieces. But it's still fragmentation.


Same issue occurred on a physically separate NTFS drive.


I thought Defraggler was supposed to be moveing small files into the freespace chunks,

or already fragmented files into the free space chunks.


Why is Defraggler CREATING fragments to stick into those free space Chunks?



Windows XP SP2,

Fat32 & NTFS HD's,

2GB DDR1 Ram,


4GB Virtual disk hosted on a "Gigabyte I-Ram" drive (Seek time measured in nanoseconds, not milliseconds)




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