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Erase hard drive

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Please help me. I don't know anything about computers but I'm trying to erase my hard drive so I can donate my old computer. I paid 20.00 to download c cleaner but I don't think that's erasing my hard drive. What do I do?

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First of all, call your credit card company, because CCleaner is free for use, with donations acceptable. You should have downloaded it from here: http://www.ccleaner.com/

Second, CCleaner is used for cleaning temporary files, so it won't do what you want.


If you know how to burn an ISO to a disk, download this program. Active @ KillDisk This will wipe your system clean.



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CCleaner has an option to securely erase temporary and to wipe free space on a hard drive.


Alternatively, you can use a program called Eraser to erase free space on your hard drive and to securely erase files.


You can also download Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to securely erase your entire hard drive. If you use DBAN, though, you will have to reinstall Windows or another operating system on it as this will erase everything on your hard drive.


Also, CCleaner is free to use, but you can donate. Eraser and DBAN are also free to use.

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