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Congratulations and THANK YOU

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It is hard to believe that anyone could do so good a job. CCleaner was a good program years ago. Then it became excellent.


Then it became excellenter.


Then it became even excellenter than that, and began approaching excellentest to the max.


The trouble with CCleaner is that it shows up so many other programs, but we won't go into that. I mean, when other apps don't do things just exactly perfectly, I find myself growling under my breath and muttering, "Why can't they do things as smartly as CCleaner?" And when I'm teaching people how to use their computers, I use CCleaner as my first example. CCleaner is an ideal app, so you can start a beginner on it. It installs beautifully. Only you can't learn too much on CCleaner, because it won't do anything WRONG. No worries: there are a hundred other apps that will mess up for you and you can practice on them as your skills improve.


I notice that CCleaner does the job very well, AND I notice that the Piriformechanics who develop CCleaner are excellent listeners. They read what people suggest, and obviously they listen to the suggestions.


Well, you guys are the best. Thanks a lot for setting the standard. Believe me, your work is appreciated.


Er?when is the Piriform OS coming out?


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An OS that constantly self cleans, uses minimal CPU for core processes and has no driver issues, PiriOS (coming 2011) :lol:

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